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Perfect7 Range

You may take action to slow down ageing on the outside, but do you do enough against the physical and mental signs of ageing from the inside?

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#TrueAge Blog

True age is the age you feel on the inside. Start your journey and join the #TrueAge movement with our expert advice.

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5 fun activities everyone can enjoy to keep fit

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#Trueage ambassadors

Meet two women who continue to live their #TRUEAGE day in and day out. With the help of Seven Seas Perfect7 and Cod Liver Oil, Martha and Sue feel as strong, healthy and natural on the inside as they look on the outside.

Fashion Stylist

Martha takes Perfect7 to help keep her skin looking beautiful and radiant, her nails and hair strong and her body balanced.


“It’s really important for me to have something like Seven Seas Perfect7, because actually it’s balancing all the things I’m missing out on.”


Sue takes Cod Liver Oil to help ensure she’s giving her body everything it needs to stay strong, healthy and active.


“True age to me, means really being true to yourself and not thinking about the age. So it’s the ‘true’ bit that’s really important, not the ‘age’.”

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Martha Ward on living her true age

Sue Ellicott on living her true age

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