Introducing Martha Ward

Martha Ward is a freelance fashion stylist and Seven Seas #TrueAge ambassador.

Based in London’s Chelsea, Martha shares the Seven Seas philosophy that true age has nothing to do with our biological age, instead, it’s the age we feel.

‘I think one's perspective develops and changes with age and I believe confidence really comes with that. One's style evolves as you get older,’ says Martha.

"My style reflects how I feel inside, not my age."

‘Fashion can really change the way that you feel and can certainly challenge your true age.’

Martha can be seen doing just that in Seven Seas' new TV advertisement - on air now.

‘My style reflects how I feel inside, not my age,’ Martha tells viewers as she assists on a fashion shoot with a young model.

Looking through outfit choices together, the pair prove they are not defined by their age when the model picks the same stylish dress worn by Martha.

'We could be twins!' the model exclaims as she stands next to the stylist in their matching outfits.

The ad finishes with Martha being asked what her secret to ageing is.

'Feeling great,’ she simply replies with a smile.

Feeling great goes hand in hand with Martha's embodiment of true age. She also cites her healthy lifestyle as key to helping her feel her best.

'I swim once a week as it’s a good way to shut off and really escape from the world. I also try to get lots of sleep and eat healthy,' says Martha.

'I try and take my Perfect7 Woman every day which helps support things that I wouldn’t ordinarily be looking after. I spend a lot of my time running between appointments, so very often I’ll neglect my body, my health and myself. It’s really important that Perfefct7 Woman balances all the valuable vitamins that I’m missing out on - it’s essential for my day.’

By adding a range of multivitamins and supplements to your diet, such as Seven Seas Perfect7 or Cod Liver Oil, you can enjoy life and live your TrueAge.

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