Living the healthy life

Sue Ellicott is the epitome of good health.

Having grown up on a farm in Cornwall, Seven Seas’ new TrueAge ambassador, lives, breathes and eats (!) a healthy diet and lifestyle.

‘I’ve always loved fresh food,’ says Sue.

"True age to me means really being true to yourself"

‘From the age of 11 I would cook for my parents – putting together any ingredients I could get my hands on and serving it up for my parents.’

While in her worklife she is a high-flying communications specialist, Sue spends any free time she has in her shared garden in Balham or perusing farmers markets for fresh produce.

And, at the age of 53, Sue is in the stages of setting up her own healthy food business called

'Changing my career at the age of 50 was a no brainer to me,' says Sue.

'I wasn’t at all concerned about how old I was, I just knew that I wanted to go through the rest of my life knowing that I'd done absolutely everything I was truly passionate about.’

Adding: ‘My close friends think I'm a bit crazy for changing career because of the risk, but they are completely supportive as they know I love doing this.'

'True age to me means really being true to yourself,' says Sue.

'It's the true bit that’s important and not the age.'

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